Akansha Lama


Artist Birtday : 05/08/1991 (Age 25)
Born In : Kathmandu
Genres : Pop
Web Site : https://www.facebook.com/pg/AkanshaLama

Akansha Lama was born on the 5th of August 1991 in a country full of rich heritage and culture called Nepal. She was introduced to the piano at the tender age of four where she learned classical music and gave Trinity Examinations. She has been appearing in many music shows on television, in Nepal. Having a family with a rich musical background has made her dedicated in pursuing her career in music.
Akansha’s main inspirations would definitely be her father, Vijay Lama, who not only is a pilot but a singer, songwriter, musician, actor and a music video director. Another inspiration would be her Grandmother who sings as well as plays the Sitar. She has performed in countless school concerts and music evenings.
At the age of thirteen, after nine years of playing the piano, she began singing. She has released an album called Akansha (Aspirations), which are all Nepali Songs. She has also released two music videos, which are still being played on national Television in Nepal.
Before releasing the album Akansha performed in an event called Women in Concert two times winning the award for the youngest singer in the concert at the age of fourteen.
She has also performed with her father, Vijay Lama in an event called Celebrating Womanhood. After releasing the album, one of the songs in her album were chosen for a Bollywood movie called Paathshala (2010). The song’s lyrics had been changed into Hindi, and she sang in the song along with co-singers Hanif Shaikh and Tulsa Kumar in the song is called “Mujhe Teri”. Akansha also has done over two dozen interviews about her music on radio, television, newspapers, magazines and Internet websites. She recorded for the first time singing in her Fathers song called “Aama” dedicated to his late Mother. She was eight.



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